(Note: This is not an exhaustive list, just recent pieces and some favorites from my years as a freelancer!)

High Country News
Amid the climate crisis, a parent commits an act of hope, September 2019

The Revelator
Climate Change Really Gets This Researcher’s Goat, October 2018

Washington’s first-ever moose census, October 2018

Seagull or Gull: Who Really Cares?, October 2018
In a Surprising Scientific Find, Enormous Crab Kills Booby on Camera, November 2017
What’s at Stake: Training a Generation of Scientists, September 2017
Mallards Are Everywhere, and That’s Great for Wetlands, March 2017
By Pitching In Around the Nest, Plover Dads Adapt to Warmer Temperatures, December 2016
Why Do Some Seabirds Eat So Much Plastic? They Like the Smell, November 2016

Hakai Magazine
Some of the Pacific Northwest’s Wolves Are Hybrids, August 2018
In a Changing Climate, Conservative Elephant Seals Suffer, September 2017
Saving the Silverspot [feature], February 2017

Bird Conservation (the American Bird Conservancy magazine)
Bald Eagle, The Ultimate Endangered Species Act Success Story, May 2018
Set With Care, Fire Creates Habitat For Many Declining Bird Species, February 2018

Living Bird (the Cornell Lab of Ornithology magazine)
What’s in a Name? How Genome Mapping Can Make It Harder to Tell Species Apart [feature], September 2017
House Finch Eye Disease: Outbreak, Then Understanding
[feature], January 2017

Can Snowshoe Hares Adapt to Climate Change?, August 2017
What Makes a Caribou Anxious?
, July 2017
Say Hi to the Beavers of the Tundra, April 2017

The Tree that Ate the West [feature], August 2016