It Snowed Today but I Went Looking for Wildflowers Anyway

Yep, I missed it because I was inside proctoring a test, but apparently we had some snowflakes falling this morning. On May 23. The low tonight is supposed to be 23°F. Naturally, I went looking for wildflowers this afternoon.

Specifically, I wanted to see if there was polygala in bloom along a trail where I found some last year. If it was there, I missed it, but I did find some other flowers in bloom.

Wood anemone, I think? I guess it's closed up because of the cold weather.
Wood anemone, I think? I guess it’s closed up because of the cold weather.
Violet #1
Violet #1
Violet #2
Violet #2
Violet #3
Violet #3

There are something like twenty species of violet in Wisconsin, so do not ask me to identify these guys specifically for you. I did take the time to look up this old post on violet ID from Ohio Birds and Biodiversity, which describes a couple characteristics to look for – color, of course, but also whether the stems are caulescent (leafy) or acaulescent (not leafy, with the leaves on individual stalks). So we have here a white violet, a purple violet, and a light purple violet, all (as far as I can tell) acaulescent.

What’s blooming where you are?


Hi, My Name Is Rebecca and I Am a Wildflower Addict.

I went back out on the trails yesterday to photograph some of the wildflowers I’d found and ended up finding even more.  Blooming in our woods at the moment are:

  • Virginia bluebells
  • Cutleaf toothwort
  • Spring cress
  • Dutchman’s breeches
  • Yellow trout lily
  • White trillium
  • Bloodroot
  • Hepatica
  • Lesser celandine (introduced from Europe)
  • Rue anemone
  • Wood anemone
  • Small-flowered crowfoot
  • Common blue violet

Additionally, the mayapples are up!  They won’t bloom for another month yet but I love them for the way they appear everywhere almost overnight, like little green umbrellas unfurling from the ground.  Wildflowers – finding them, identifying them, photographing them – are definitely addictive.

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