Wolf Spider!

This blurry photo absolutely does not do justice to the creature recently found on the floor of our bathroom.

My housemates were concerned (with reason) that if I went closer to get a better photo, I might scare it away into the nether regions behind the toilet where we wouldn’t be able to get at it, and they very much wanted it out of the bathroom.

In my memory it’s about four inches across.  As I look at the photo I realize that I’ve probably exaggerated things slightly, but this was a big spider.  A very cool, very big spider.

creepy crawlies

As the wildflowers slow to a trickle, I’ve had to find something new to be fascinated by and take photos of.  Lately it’s been insects and arachnids.

There are a lot of these small but beautifully-patterned spiders on webs along the trails at the moment; after poking around through some photos online I’m fairly sure they’re something in the genus Leucauge, perhaps what’s called an orchard spider.

I posted recently about the fun I had identifying golden-backed snipe flies online, and I finally managed to get a decent photo of one.

Harvestmen, aka daddy longlegs, are everywhere right now.  My last group of kids for school camp was roughly divided between those who were so terrified of daddy longlegs they wouldn’t sit down on grass, and those who were so fascinated by them they had to pick up every single on they saw and let it crawl around on them.  Sigh.  (Interestingly, for the most point it was the boys who were scared of them and the girls who picked them up!)  I also had numerous kids tell me about how these are the most poisonous animals in the world but have mouths too small for them to bite humans.  Somehow this myth keeps getting perpetuated.  It’s absolutely not true; harvestmen don’t have any venom glands at all.