Back to the Beach

I’ll tell you up front that there’s nothing earth-shaking in this post – no massive stranded horseshoe crabs, photogenic cottonmouths, or dead baby dolphins.  But today I did finally go for a walk on the beach for the first time in about a week (finally being sufficiently over my bronchitis to muster the energy), and took my new camera for an initial spin.  My most shocking discovery, actually, was that there were people on my beach!

Okay, so this was hardly the first time I’ve encountered other humans on what is, after all, public land, but there are a lot of people there today – people on bikes, people with buckets of shells, people with beach towels and lawn chairs and umbrellas.  Sigh.  Tourist season is here.

I don’t think I’ve posted any photos of sea cucumbers yet, and there were quite a few washed up today, which slowly expanded and contracted when I poked them – yes, these blobs are living animals, relatives of the sea stars and urchins.  Try explaining to kids that sea cucumber is an animal but sea lettuce is not.

Also lots of dead jellyfish, which are sometimes formless blobs of goo but can sometimes be surprisingly pretty, like little sunbursts at the edge of the waves.

Aaaand now I’m worn out from my walk and tempted to spend the rest of the day inside playing computer games – further proof that I’m not quite over my bug yet.  Ah well.  At least I’m sure I’ll be back at work Monday.