Wildflower Wonders

A couple weeks ago I wrote about an unsuccessful attempt to find spring beauty sprouting in my woods… I guess I was just a little too early.  Last weekend I was away in Michigan visiting friends, and this past week I’ve been on kitchen duty rather than on the trails with students, so the past couple days have been my first real chance to get out and renew my search.  Well, wowee!  Not only are the spring beauties up now, but the trout lilies, trilliums, and Dutchman’s breeches are too, and the hepatica are already blooming – I’d forgotten all about hepatica!

I’d love hepatica even if it weren’t for the flowers, because their foliage is pretty striking, too.

Anyway, the flowers aren’t the only sign of spring; the migratory songbirds are trickling back, too, as evidenced by the phoebes I can hear singing outside as I type.  FEE-bee!  FEE-bee!

Hope everyone else’s weekend has been as gorgeous as mine!


UPDATED TO ADD: The other flower I found in bloom today was this yellow one, which after scouring some photos online I’ve identified as lesser celandine.  Sadly, it turns out this one is an invasive species, native to Europe.