Wildfire Country

As someone who’s never lived in a seriously wildfire-prone part of the country before, the last week has been a trip. The town where I live was never seriously threatened, but some neighborhoods of the bigger town south of here were evacuated as fires burned on hillsides visible from downtown (people have showed me some scary photos on their phones, and there was still smoke rising from the smoldering hills when I was in town yesterday). Several campsites in the national forest have been evacuated, too, and there have been planes and helicopters going back and forth overhead and lots of fire-related trucks and equipment on the roads, and constant hazy smoke in the air. Thursday night I went to bed with my windows open and woke up in the middle of the night to the strong smell of wood smoke. That was unsettling.┬áIt looks like the tide is turning in favor of the firefighters this weekend, but at one point the major fire south of here was at 11,000+ acres and 0% contained.

Sorry no photos. I’ll try to get some better posts in the coming week!