Death Match: Snake Versus Spider!

In the world of unlikely epic battles between animals that may give you the creeps, much attention has been given in the past to deadly struggles between alligators and pythons in the Everglades, but my mom recently gave me a heads up about a match-up no less intriguing for playing out on a smaller scale.  Click here for the most recent edition of the newsletter of the famous Boyce Thompson Arboretum outside Phoenix, Arizona, and on the right-hand side you’ll see the headline “Widow wins big: Visitors witness venomous valor.”  (Further down in the article is the phrase “bemused biologists barricade bookstore.”  Somewhere, someone is immensely proud of their alliteration abilities.)  Apparently a baby coral snake somehow got entangled in the web of a black widow spider, and the spider actually killed and ate it.  Crazy.


(image is obviously not mine, having been borrowed from the article in question)

The Arboretum is one of my favorite places in the Phoenix area, and I’ll almost definitely be paying it a visit while I’m town to visit my parents for the holiday this week.  Stay tuned for photos!