I Got the Blues (Or the Azures)

It’s very, very hard to be dignified while chasing a tiny butterfly around the forest floor with your camera, but it’s worth it when the butterfly finally gives in and poses for photographs.

(The second photo shows the detail better, but I like the light shining through the edges of the wings in the first one.)

I hadn’t seen a blue butterfly with a central dark spot in the hindwing like this before, so I thought it might be something new, but it turns out it’s another variant of the very common Spring Azure – actually the very first butterfly that I actually got a live photograph of. It’s a bit early for these guys to be out, but with last week’s unusual warm weather I guess it doesn’t surprise me that they’re ahead of schedule. Regardless, it’s always a treat to see the woods enlivened with these tiny fluttering patches of blue. I love their zebra-striped antennae.

Special bonus photo… check out the cheeks on this greedyguts who’s been raiding our birdfeeders!