International Rock Flipping Day

Today is International Rock Flipping Day 2010!  I heard about this celebration of things that live under rocks a couple weeks ago and really wanted to participate, but there was just one problem: I live on an island made entirely of sand.  Where was I going to find a rock to flip?

Then I remembered: there is one place on the island that’s rocky, although it’s not that way naturally.  The beaches on the north end of the island are eroding, thanks to the longshore current, and the powers that be have seen fit to deposit rip rap on them in an attempt to stop this process.  “Rip rap” is a technical term for “chunks of rock.”  Perfect (although I won’t go into whether rip rap actually works, or whether beach armoring is wise)!

The first few rocks I flipped yielded only wet sand.

However, I persevered, switching to an area where the rocks were sitting in about an inch of standing water, a sort of minimalist tide pool.  There I started having better luck, turning up this small crab, species unknown…

…and a couple tiny brittle stars, flexible-limbed cousins of the sea stars.

At this point thunder started to rumble in the distance, and since I wasn’t dressed for rain and didn’t particularly want to be caught on the beach in a thunderstorm regardless I returned to my car.  See you next year for International Rock Flipping Day 2011!