Autumn Berries

IMG_0598 (1024x765)

This week some genuinely cold temperatures are (finally) arriving in Walla Walla, but before they did, we took a walk in the Fort Walla Walla Natural Area, a patch of woods in a park a few miles from our house. What caught my eye was all the berries ripening on the shrubs along the trail, which are excellent fall and winter food for the birds in the area as well as looking pretty. I didn’t have the forethought to bring a nice camera, so all the photos in the post were taken with Evan’s and my iPhones, but they turned out okay enough to show you what we were seeing.

IMG_0591 (766x1024)
Snowberry – not a highly-preferred food for birds, so these berries will persist long into the winter, but the birds will eat them eventually when they run out of things they like better.
IMG_0600 (765x1024)
Serviceberry (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what this one is) – see comments, it’s been suggested to me that this is actually Woody Nightshade (an Asian invader), and having looked at some photos I’m inclined to agree. I should probably learn what Serviceberry actually looks like!
IMG_0602 (764x1024)
Wild rose hips
Photo Nov 02, 09 37 44 (2) (769x1024)
Pokeweed (I think) – kind of an edgy, weedy species, but native. Again, see comments, it’s been suggested that this looks more like Virginia Creeper. I agree it looks very Virginia Creeper-y, but I’m confused because Virginia Creeper is (theoretically) not found in Washington State.

Tonight we’re under a freeze warning; we ripped out our tomato and pepper plants over the weekend and today will probably be it for the mums still blooming by the side of the house. But I like winter, too, so I’m not complaining.


3 replies on “Autumn Berries”

Picture 3 is not a serviceberry, is probably woody nightshade. The last picture is not pokeberry, is probably Virginia Creeper. Thanks for the pictures, fall is such a lovely time. Here in on the Keweenaw, we just had 18 inches of snow, and counting. Homesick? lol

Thanks, I updated the captions to reflect your IDs – I just wonder about the Virginia Creeper because I live way outside its regular range. Anyway, yes, I actually I am kind of homesick and jealous of your snow! I miss snowshoeing and cross country skiing. :)

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