What Is Wrong With Your Faaaaace

These photos have been sitting on my little point-and-shoot camera for a couple weeks now, waiting for me to finally bother to download and post them. I was pulling into the office after a day of field work when, as I parked the truck, I noticed that there was something very, very weird about one of the deer hanging out in the yard.

They aren’t great photos, but I wasn’t trying to be artistic, I was just trying to document this truly messed-up looking deer face.

009 (1024x767) 010 (1024x768) 011 (1024x769)

He literally looks like he has an old bird’s nest stuck to his forehead. I went in and showed the photos to my boss, who at first thought it was some sort of deformation that had been caused by an old injury like getting hit by a car, but then she went outside for a better look and decided he’d somehow gotten caught on a chunk of old carpeting or something, although it must have been there a long time to cause his antler to grow in a funny direction.

Thoughts? Theories? He hasn’t come back, that I’ve seen.

7 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With Your Faaaaace”

  1. If it’s a bird nest or somesuch, it’s obvious – the critter is getting fancied up for the Melbourne Cup! That’s a mammoth horse racing event that happens every November in Melbourne, Australia, about the time you took your photo. The ladies get dressed up to the nines and often wear cute little hats (looking somewhat like the one on the deer) called “fascinators” :)

    1. I have been trying to remember the name of the big Aussie horse race for years, thank you! I have VIVID memories of the Melbourne Cup from the months I spent in the Outback. We all went to the local watering hole for the Melbourne Cup festivities, and yes, all the local women were wearing fancy dresses and fascinators, even way out there, and I was introduced to the great sport of yabbie racing.

    1. I recently read that there’s a virus affecting rabbits (Shope papilloma virus) that causes growths, some of which can look like bone on the head or face. There’s even a thought that it’s where jackalopes originated. I guess you’ll just have to wait until you get a better look at the deer (if ever).

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