Wildlife Linkspam for Your Reading Pleasure

It’s that time again – time for one of my irregular collections of wildlife and conservation links from around the web that have caught my eye. Bird-heavy, as always. Enjoy.

  • In Praise of Boring, Local Field Sites. This one brought back fond memories of doing my senior research project at my undergrad college’s nature preserve, a patch of unremarkable second-growth forest that I really loved.
  • Another post that brought back undergrad memories: turacos are a really cool group of African birds, and the only birds in the world with genuine green pigment (the reason we talked about them in ornithology class).
  • I freaking love antlions, and the melodramatic sound effects in this close-up video of one trapping and killing an ant are fantastic.
  • Remember I lived in Wisconsin until this June? They had their first wolf hunt last year. It was supposed to increase public tolerance of wolves. It didn’t.
  • My old classmate Lauren is conducting a very scientific survey to determine the relative cuteness of birds. You should probably go take her poll.
  • Giant badass salmon-eating owl in Russia is also an indicator of old-growth forest quality. There’s an “in Soviet Russia…” joke in there somewhere.

Seen any interesting nature-related articles yourself lately? Share in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Wildlife Linkspam for Your Reading Pleasure”

  1. Not surprised that the wolf hunt didn’t increase public tolerance. People like to kill for sport, or because of a perceived threat to humans/pets/livestock (ie coyotes in Ottawa), not to gain compassion or understanding. Some of the comments on that story make that pretty clear.

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