Butterfly Pick-Up Lines

The two butterflies on this yarrow flower head are Blue Coppers (Lycaena heteronea, not to be confused with Blues, which are a different but very similar-looking group of butterflies). The one with its wings spread, showing off the blue color, is a male, and the one in the back is a female.

013 (712x1024)

I watched the male chase the female back and forth across the flower for about a minute. She didn’t seem to want anything to do with him.

“C’mon, baby…”

“Leave me alone…”

014 (1024x721)

“Let me buy you a drink…”

“No, really, I have to go home and wash my hair…”

015 (1024x716)

“Whew, that creeper finally left.”

018 (1024x717)

I know this is probably the most blatantly anthropomorphic post I’ve written in a long time, but who could resist imagining bad butterfly pick-up lines.

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