Holding Pattern

001 (1024x768)Northern Starflower, Trientalis borealis. Normally they have seven petals (an unusual number). I didn’t notice while I was taking the photo that this one has eight.

Packing, cleaning, wrapping things up – it’s been two years since the last time I moved across the country, and I’d forgotten how involved it is. The plan is to get at least one more Northwoods post up before I leave on Wednesday. Said post will probably consist of me walking out to Inkpot Lake one last time and getting all sentimental about it. In any case, just trust me that normal blogging will resume… eventually.

3 replies on “Holding Pattern”

I believe I speak for many of your readers when I say we will miss the North Woods, even though some of us have never been to that area, so captivating have been your descriptions. But I, for one, am looking forward to hearing about Oregon.

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