Bond Falls At Last

This winter I tried and failed to see the Upper Peninsula’s Bond Falls, foiled by the icy stairs. Well, yesterday I went back, and thanks to the recent snow melt the falls turned out to be very impressive.


019Most of my photos came out a bit overexposed, but oh well, I was just messing around with friends. You know you’re hanging out with naturalists when you end up spending most of your time with your backs to the big waterfall, admiring the vegetation. Most of the wildflowers weren’t blooming yet so we quizzed ourselves on identifying them by the leaves alone – Canada mayflower, starflower, blue bead lily, Solomon’s seal, trillium, jack-in-the-pulpit, etc. etc. etc.

017 (768x1024)This was my last weekend free before I leave for Oregon, so I’m glad I got to cram in a bit more local sightseeing. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!

5 thoughts on “Bond Falls At Last”

  1. Rebecca- That looks like quite a bit more water than that falls normally has. I’ve enjoyed your posts from Wisconsin, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what you find in Oregon. Best of luck with your new gig! It reminds me of exactly 10 years ago when I moved to Columbus to start my first full time job in the conservation field after graduate school. Good luck!

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