Dear Angry Squirrel

Dear Angry Squirrel,

If your temper tantrums weren’t so photogenic


I wouldn’t linger so long with my camera at the foot of your tree


and you wouldn’t have reason to be so angry.

Love, Rebecca.

5 thoughts on “Dear Angry Squirrel”

  1. I love your angry squirrel photos…such clarity in the bark as well as the squirrel’s details, and a beautiful blending green background! Did he talk to you in an angry voice?

  2. Rebecca, your blog posts are the ones I most enjoy showing up in my mailbox, for their multiple values … such as educational, visual beauty, informative, and smiles.
    My red squirrels compete with the crows and bluejays for the noisiest critter award.
    What camera do you use?

    1. These were taken with my Nikon D3000 – a DSLR, but a cheap one – and the zoom lens that came with it. (I can’t remember the power on the lens off the top of my head. Maybe 250mm?)

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