Conservation & Nature Linkspam

No natural history news to report other than endless cold and wet and snow (temperatures dipped to zero F again over the weekend, and we’re under yet another Winter Storm Warning tonight). Instead, let me present another of my sporadic linkspam posts – recent bits of conservation and nature interestingness from around the internet.

Feel free to share any interesting links you’ve come across lately in the comments, and have a good week!

2 thoughts on “Conservation & Nature Linkspam”

  1. thanks for sharing the feeder post. There are ethical issues surrounding duck and goose feeding for some people as well. Well, a lot of that might be about feeding them crap food (no species, aside from Rhizopus stononifer, should eat Wonder Bread anyway) and that people are offended by the poo (of course, they should be offended about urban sprawl instead but that’s asking too much).
    Anyway, as for the owl baiting, yeah, I agree that pulling away the mouse, teasing the the owl, and being a right jerk about it, is unethical in my mind. I do however love the idea of a carcass feeder for crows, ravens, and vultures. I hate seeing so much roadkill being ground down into the asphalt. Much better to collect it, offer it in a safe place for the scavengers (pissing off the neighbors) and enjoy the wonder and, I might add, beauty, of nature’s own sanitation crew. Bernd Heinrich has done this for his raven studies and I hope one day to do so as well. (all the more reason to avoid living anywhere that has a home owners association!)

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