Siskin in the Sun

I admit it: I’m getting tired of winter. People who live further south are already posting photos of tulips and crocuses. Here we still have snow and ice. I’m ready for flowers and insects and migratory birds to come back.

But, I am still enjoying our feeder birds, and I like this photo of a Pine Siskin in the late afternoon sun that I took yesterday. The light brought out the yellow highlights in its wings.

024 (1024x724)Unlike the redpolls, these guys might stick around all year – we’re at the southern edge of their breeding range, and they like pine forests, which we have plenty of here.

2 replies on “Siskin in the Sun”

I know that many people get the blues at this time, but this year I am definitely enjoying winter. This is mainly because I have waited so long for a good depth of snow for snowshoeing that I want to make the most use of it now – especially since we had next to none last year.

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