I Met a Famous Porcupine!

My love of porcupines has been well-documented on this blog (see here, and here, and here, and of course here). I remember watching this YouTube clip from Birdchick of an adorable baby porcupine eating banana and hiccuping one afternoon last spring and thinking it was the best thing ever:

This video has had over two million views. This porcupine, whose name is Thistle, definitely qualifies as internet famous. And this week I met this famous porcupine in person! Turns out Thistle is now an education animal at Wolf Ridge, the environmental learning center in northern Minnesota that my fellow grad students and I went on a field trip to. Here is a hastily-snapped photo of him, no longer a cute porcupet – yes, that is the real word for baby porcupine – but now a big fat grown-up porcupine. These days his treat of choice is peanuts.

011 (768x1024)

Just another day in the glamorous life of a naturalist, constantly rubbing elbows with celebrities.

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