A Christmas Tree Bird Count

Over the past several years, my mom and I have been collecting bird Christmas ornaments, beginning with Hallmark’s “Beauty of Birds” series, of which we have all but the super-rare Scarlet Tanager. (Well, to be fair, my mom does most of the collecting and I enjoy the results when I come home for the holidays – she likes to talk about how she went to three different Hallmark stores to track down the limited-edition female cardinal.) We’ve picked up some non-Hallmark bird ornaments, too, but only ones that are clearly identifiable as specific species. No cute-but-generic owls or hummingbirds for us.

Click on any image to bring up a slideshow.


There are more in the Hallmark series – a Blue Jay, a chickadee, a bluebird, a goldfinch that drives me a bit nuts because it’s bright yellow like a breeding male but conspicuously missing the breeding male’s black cap. By my count, that brings the species tally for our Christmas tree up to eleven.

Has anyone else’s nature habit spilled over into your holiday decorations?

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree Bird Count”

  1. Since I don’t put up a Christmas tree anymore (thanks, kitties!) I don’t collect ornaments any more. However, those Hallmark decorations are beautiful! As for the goldfinch missing his black cap….there are always black magic markers!

    1. My mother and I already had this conversation, and she told me I am not allowed to fix it with a marker – these ornaments are actually worth a fair amount of money, since so many people collect them and each one’s only sold for one holiday season. :)

  2. To be honest I don’t put any nature on my plastic christmas tree with plastic ornaments. Even the ornaments the more close to nature are the snowflakes. But let me tell: If I saw such ornaments I would starto think again about my decoration hehehehe :D

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