Maple Buds in Winter

I never know what will catch my eye when I head out on a walk with my camera. Today it was the cheerful red buds on the branches of this maple tree by the lake.

006 (1024x717) 007 (1024x768) 009 (761x1024)These are flower buds. They’ll sleep through the winter and bloom come spring.

3 thoughts on “Maple Buds in Winter”

  1. I love winter for the first month or so, but my mid-January I’m eager for spring to arrive! I didn’t realize trees were developing buds already; I’ll have to look for some the next time I go out.

  2. Those buds also provide food for squirrels over the winter, and possibly birds. I saw a chickadee tearing the buds apart the other day, I don’t know if it was eating the buds themselves, or insects from within the bud that were there to hibernate.

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