Raccoon Tracks in the Snow

Due to some temperature ups and downs, when I went for my walk Saturday afternoon there was only a light coating of snow on the ground. (This is no longer the case, thanks to a snowstorm Sunday night.) Animal tracks show up beautifully clear and sharp in half an inch of snow, and even the tracks of common species can be fun to find, photograph, and follow.

004 (768x1024)

006 (1024x768) 009 (1024x768)

Based on the size and shape, I’m pretty sure these are raccoon tracks. Skunk tracks look similar but are smaller, and I don’t think the pattern is right for a fisher. You can see the five long toes on both the front and hind feet (the tracks with the bigger, longer pads are the hind feet) and the dots left by the claws.

On the same walk I found the tracks of deer, red squirrels, gray squirrels, mice, a small weasel of some sort (we have long-tailed, short-tailed, and least all here), and something that I think was probably a fox. The woods are full of life, and if you play detective you can always find clues, even if you rarely see the animals themselves.

5 thoughts on “Raccoon Tracks in the Snow”

  1. I am always amazed at how much animal activity happens overnight, as indicated by tracks in fresh snow. Deer and coyotes have passed very close to the house – and I have slept through it !

  2. I love looking for tracks the morning after a snowfall. It reminds me of just how much activity does take place outdoors, even in the dead of winter when it seems like all the wildlife have vanished. I love the little vole runways that pop up between trees and the squirrel tracks that look like double exclamation marks (!!) as they go bounding through the snow. I’m still learning though, and hope to find some weasel, marten or fisher tracks one day!

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