Coming Home

When my plane finally touched down at the tiny Central Wisconsin Airport on Saturday, it was already getting dark. (I was originally supposed to get back Friday night. I sent a long email to Delta’s customer service yesterday morning. That’s all I’m going to say about that.) I had a two-and-a-half-hour drive north from there to get home to Land O’ Lakes.

There was no snow on the ground at all at the airport, and I wondered about the three plus inches that had supposedly fallen up north. I stopped to get something to eat at a Culver’s and found the place full of people with their eyes fixed on a muted television showing the Badgers game. Yup, definitely back in Wisconsin. (Culver’s is a Wisconsin-based fast food chain – picture a place midway between McDonald’s and Steak & Shake, but that offers fried cheese curds as a side. Cheese curds are our unofficial state food.)

Since it’s officially the holiday season now, I listened to Christmas music as I drove north, watching the edges of the road in my headlights for any glimpse of snow. Eventually the freeway collapsed down to a two-lane country highway. Trees crowded out farm fields and closed in around the road. A dusting of snow became a blanket.

So anyway, I’m back home in the North Woods now, and I’ve been working all day and haven’t had time to get out and take photos or anything yet, but I will soon. I’m just glad that winter finally showed up while I was gone.

5 thoughts on “Coming Home”

    1. Oh yes. You can get bags of fresh ones that squeak when you bite into them, but in restaurants as an appetizer or side they’re generally battered and deep fried (kind of like onion rings), and sometimes served with ranch to dip them in. There’s a reason our license plates say “America’s Dairyland.”

  1. I remember as a kid driving from Slinger, Wisconsin to my home in Upper Michigan with a bag of cheese curds to shut me up (courtesy of my folks!). They make some fine cheese curds here in Oklahoma, but nothing like the squeaky ones in Wisconsin. But you can keep your snow :-)

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