White Pelicans in Arizona

(Let’s all agree to pretend I took the photo like this on purpose to be artsy. I meant to focus on the plants in the foreground instead of the birds.)

I’m in Arizona this week for Thanksgiving break. Took this photo yesterday at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve – white pelicans aren’t terribly common around here, so this was a treat. We also got a great look at a Peregrine Falcon perched on a power pole. It makes a change from hunting for crossbills in the bog at home.

5 thoughts on “White Pelicans in Arizona”

  1. Speaking of pelicans, I was down in Green Bay with my family two summers ago, and we actually saw pelicans flying over downtown. Up until then, I had no idea that pelicans came up into the Great Lakes. There’s apparently a nesting site on Cat Island just outside of Green Bay.

    1. Yep – unlike Brown Pelicans, which mostly stick to the coasts, American White Pelicans hang out on freshwater rivers, wetlands, etc. far inland. I’d never seen them in the Phoenix area until yesterday, though.

  2. Even if the artsy look of your photo wasn’t intended, I think it looks great. You can clearly tell they are pelicans rather than fuzzy white blobs. Hopefully you’ll get some in-focus pictures of them while you’re there!

  3. I always LOVED seeing the pelicans when I worked at one of the urban lakes in Tucson! We’d usually only get one or two a year, but such a treat every time. Granted, the fishermen hated them and, because my friend and I were working on a boat and looked “official” to some extent, they hated us for not trying to chase it away or trapping it and taking it somewhere else. It didn’t matter how many times we told them that ALL we did was collect water samples to monitor the water quality and had neither the training nor the job of moving any birds at the lake. Apparently one little bird is enough to cause some serious fish envy among Tucson’s urban fishermen!

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