Beaver Lodge Update

I wrote a couple previous posts about a beaver lodge being constructed on a lake near my house. Unfortunately, the beaver seems to have abandoned the site; I haven’t seen it around in ages, and no more progress has been made on the lodge. Today I climbed down the bank to take a closer look at what it had done before it left.

I’m disappointed that I won’t get to see it completed and coated in an insulating layer of mud for the winter, but oh well. Here’s my interesting fact about beavers for the day: you almost never find their scat. Why? Because they poop right in the water.

Anyway, I’m camping in the Porcupine Mountains again for the next two nights, but unlike last time when I was leading a wilderness trip for teenagers, I’m going with a couple friends and we’re staying in a yurt and bringing chocolate chip cookies and a board game. Yay mini-vacation!

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