Conifer Quiz

I taught my students some conifer ID last week. Can you identify all of these species?



Answers: 1, Eastern Hemlock; 2, Tamarack (duh); 3, Northern White Cedar; 4, White Pine; 5, Balsam Fir; 6, Red Pine; 7, White Spruce (we also have Black Spruce which looks very similar but generally is only found in the bogs)

2 thoughts on “Conifer Quiz”

  1. Hi Rebecca

    I enjoyed your quiz but was surprised to see your use of the common name “Balsam Spruce” for Abies balsamea. I’d never heard of that common name applied, and my half dozen or so references don’t list it either. Is it local usage?

    By the way, let me recommend a book that I’ve found interesting: “A Natural History of Trees of Eastern and Central North America” by D.C, Peattie. Written in 1948, it contains a lot of lore and interesting factoids which you might might find useful to “spice up” your educational presentations.

    Catskill Bob

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