This is a tough time of year to find new things to blog about. The autumn color is all but gone, the woods are basically asleep, but we don’t have any snow yet – it’s a gray, in-between sort of time. Here are three cool things I found on this afternoon’s ramble in the woods, none of which is really enough for a whole blog post of its own.

1. The world’s biggest shelf fungus. It had just fallen off of a dead yellow birch. Note the size comparison with my feet. (Yup, another photo with my feet randomly stuck in it for scale. I do this a lot.)

2. A giant hollow maple tree with evidence of habitation. Note the pile of porcupine scat in the second photo.

3. A really impressive patch of orange jelly fungus. At first I thought this was a slime mold, but apparently it’s a fungus, Dacrymyces palmatus. In any case, this is just about the biggest, best blob of it I’ve yet to see. (This was growing on a dead hemlock log, which apparently is a pretty typical substrate for this species. Witch’s butter looks very similar but usually grows on live trees.)

Stay safe if you’re in the path of Sandy, Eid Mubarak if you’re celebrating, and have a good weekend regardless.

7 thoughts on “Ramble”

    1. Isn’t it crazy? I see little blobs of it popping out of dead logs fairly frequently, but like I said, this was the biggiest, roundest, gooiest blob I’d seen yet. Wikipedia says it’s edible but I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to put that in my mouth.

  1. Whoa, you just helped me solve a long-standing mystery! I used to see orange jelly fungus around our property in southern Oregon but could never figure it out–and I thought it was slime mold, as well. Thanks, Rebecca!

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