A Woodpecker Cavity from the Inside Out

We found this cool chunk of birch log yesterday. See why I picked it up and carried it back to my kitchen to take photos? The fact that I photographed it on my kitchen table instead of outside means that the light isn’t the greatest, but the weather’s icky so whatever.

It’s an old woodpecker cavity – we guessed maybe a Hairy Woodpecker or a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker based on the size. The end where the tree broke off was probably the bottom.

This is looking up into what would have been the roof of the cavity. If you’ve never seen a woodpecker excavating a cavity, it’s a cool process to watch – its front half disappears into the growing opening, but every minute or so it’ll gather up all the loose wood chips it’s producing and pull its head back out of the hole to spit them out, ptooey. Nice to see what the result looks like from the inside!

One thought on “A Woodpecker Cavity from the Inside Out”

  1. We have one of these in our back yard !! We had some woodpeckers build a nest. But it was to high up and a bad storm broke their nest, just like this one. I was very upset because I think they had already laid eggs. They came back later and built another one, lower on the tree, which is still there.

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