Blowsy Seedheads

It seems like a lot of people are still posting photos of fall color and even butterflies. Here in the North Woods, the leaves are already mostly off the leaves, and we keep waking up in the morning to a dusting of snow that melts off by mid-day. The bogs are lovely, though. The golden color of the tamaracks peaks just as the maples, oaks, etc. have lost their leaves.

This morning I walked along the edge of one of the lakes and took photos of the seedheads of the various plants I found. I’m being a lazy naturalist and not identifying all of these (a couple of them I already know, but not all). I just like all the shapes and textures.

Stocked up on hot chocolate this weekend, dropping my wool coat off today for dry-cleaning – I’m ready for winter. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Blowsy Seedheads”

  1. Yes, I love the “blowsy seedheads, raggedy and unkempt, blowing their feathers of tiny seeds willy-nilly across the meadows and bogs, tossing themselves away to another season. Its a beautiful autumn here in eastern Missouri, more color than predicted after the summer drought. Everything is golden. The light rises soft and warm thru the green understory into the bronze arms of the hardwoods. Here, the walnut and hickory are flinging nuts wildly over the yard. A mast year. This world of growing things just throwing everything out there while the squirrels grow fat.

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