Fall Dragonflies

This is a meadowhawk – probably, according to the helpful folks at BugGuide, a Saffron-winged Meadowhawk, although all the dragonflies in this genus look the same to my eyes. (Apparently this one has “long pterostigma,” which is a word I had to look up. It’s that colored cell at the front of each wing.) These are everywhere along the edges of the lakes right now, and some of them are hard at work making more meadowhawks.

We’re supposed to get three inches of snow tonight. One of the advantages of keeping a blog is that I know exactly when the first significant snow was last year, because I posted photos of it – it was November 9. Much earlier this year!

5 thoughts on “Fall Dragonflies”

    1. Thanks! I only posted the top one to BugGuide. Now that you point it out I see the difference in the legs. Interesting to know there were at least two species flitting around (I took these photos in the same place at the same time).

  1. Dragonfly identification is something I’m not particularly good at. BUT… we see dragonflies that look similar to these in SE Massachusetts around this time of year. I watched what I thought was a mating “dance” several years back at a pond near my house. It was beautiful.

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