International Rock Flipping Day 2012

The scene:

A rock, unflipped:

A rock, flipped:

A tiny ant (nests of these, about 2mm long, were the only living things I found under my rocks):

A crappy photo of the beaver that kept slapping its tail until I left:

I get bonus points for the beaver, right?

The full report on 2012 participants can be found here. Be sure to check out my previous years of rock flips – in 2010 I found crabs and brittle stars among the rip rap on a beach in Georgia, and last year I found a blue-spotted salamander here in Wisconsin.

7 replies on “International Rock Flipping Day 2012”

no bonus points for beaver, unless you found it under a rock! i didn’t find much. got lots of little ticks though. found lots of stuff under rotting bark the weekend before, including my first (non-cave) salamander, lots of termites, a centipede and millipede right next to each other, and several large shiny wood-munching beetles and larvae (inspired by the new Bernd Heinrich book to go look for the “undertakers” of the forest) but that doesn’t count either. except for the tick bites, but they’re too numerous to count.

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