Quiz Time!

In a couple weeks I have to give an interpretive talk as part of one of my graduate classes. For my topic I’ve selected cool adaptations of butterflies, and I’ve been working on making big butterflies out of cardboard and colored paper to use as props.

Now that you’ve admired my arts and crafts abilities (I sketched out the outlines of those babies freehand!), I have a two-part quiz for you.

  1. What two species of butterfly are these?
  2. Why might I have chosen these particular species for a talk on cool butterfly adaptations?

All of this information has been discussed in posts on this blog within the last six months. Answers will be revealed Monday!


4 thoughts on “Quiz Time!”

  1. White admiral. :)
    As for which adaptations….Limenitis arthemis, is a mimic of the poisonous Pipevine Swallowtail but that’s only true for the astyanax subspecies a.k.a. the Red-spotted Purple so I’m not sure which adaptation you’re going with there. Maybe the fact that it no longer uses batesian mimicry as it lives in areas without the Pipevine Swallowtail and has reverted? As for the mourning cloak, the dark color of the wings aids in solar heating. They are the first butterflies out in the cold spring.

    1. Yeah, I’m thinking about the mimicry with Limenitis arthemis, even though I know the subspecies we have here isn’t actually a mimic. I’m stretching a bit with this one so I can include it in my talk. :)

      I didn’t know that about the dark color of the Mourning Cloak’s wings, but that makes sense – I’ll have to mention it! In general, though, yeah, I picked it because it overwinters as an adult and is the first one out in spring. In winter in pumps its tissues full of sugars that act as antifreeze.

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