A Sweet New Blog You Should Be Reading!

BY THE WAY: my college chum Meredith, a smart, funny woman who’s about to move to Guam to study brown tree snakes, has started a blog of her own to document her adventures. Her life is far more interesting than mine, and you should definitely go subscribe to her blog right now.

Natural Laboratory

One thought on “A Sweet New Blog You Should Be Reading!”

  1. I checked out Meredith’s blog, thanks for the heads-up, Rebecca. Those appallingly invasive Boiga irregularis are a cute native species where I live – see my posts at http://arovingiwillgo.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/close-encounters-of-the-snakey-kind/ and http://arovingiwillgo.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/baby-boiga-bites-blogger/
    It’s spring here now and I’m expecting to see a few at night. My husband has a special “sqwark” noise he makes when he finds one in the garage – I always know what he’s found. I find them attractive and unusual, but no doubt in places where they have trashed the wildlife, they are hated, like cane toads are here.

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