It’s National Moth Week!

I forgot until mid-week that this is in fact National Moth Week. It’s not too late, though! Yesterday I mixed up some moth brew – a mashed-up banana with some brown sugar, yeast, and warm water – and tonight night I’ll see what I can attract to my patio with it. Visit the website linked above for more information about how to attract moths and identify and report what you find. Moths are cool!

In the meantime, I thought I’d point you toward some of my favorite past moth-related posts from this blog. Newer readers might not have seen these before, so check them out!

  • The Secret World of Moths, or how I happened to take what is apparently the only photo in existence of a live Intermediate Sphinx (yes, really!!!)
  • Good Omens, the story of how I found a Polyphemus Moth in the parking lot of a Motel 6 in West Virginia
  • The metamorphosis of a Fir Tussock Moth, from caterpillar to cocoon to adult
  • The Eight-spotted Forester Moth is diurnal and colorful and you could mistake it for a butterfly if you didn’t know better
  • The Imperial Moth that mysteriously appeared outside the dining hall one morning in Georgia

Update – my moth-attracting attempt failed utterly due to our cold, rainy weather. Better luck next year?

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