Blue Bead Lily Then, Blue Bead Lily Now

Two months ago I wrote a post about Almon Park, a county park in the area, and I included this photo of a wildflower called blue bead lily, Clintonia borealis.

Today I went back to get a photo of what the blue bead lily looks like now. Suddenly you can see where the name comes from.

Actually it took me a little bit to find “blue bead” berries to photograph – at first all I could find were stalks with the berries removed. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that something eats them, since the whole reason plants make pretty blue and red fruits is to attract critters to disperse their seeds. Birds, maybe?

One more photo – I love the sign at the trailhead in Almon Park. It’s not just a nature trail, it’s a nature study area. Be studious, folks.

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