More Bog Life!

After our jaunt through a black ash swamp, the North Woods Native Plant Society group moved down the road a little ways to walk out into a bog – a very wet, squishy walk. You all know how I love bogs. Here’s a sample of what we saw.

At the center of the bog was a small open lake. I described how this happens last week.
Wild cranberry in bloom
Sundew, a tiny carnivorous plant. Look closely – this one has a couple insects it’s digesting.
Frosted Whiteface, a boreal, bog-loving dragonfly. I practically fell into the lake while trying to get this photo.

Totally, totally worth getting my boots and socks soaked through!

One thought on “More Bog Life!”

  1. Man, rare orchids and ash swamps and sundews and oodles of odonates–you’ve got a really cool collection of wetlands out there.

    I really dig your bog stories. I’ve never visited a bog and I always assumed we didn’t have any in this region. As it turns out two parks in my neighborhood that feature big, open ponds actually /used/ to be bogs. I always wondered why Ronald Bog park, with its single, giant pond was called that. Back in the 50s and 60s the bogs were mined for peat for gardens…

    So no bogs for the northwestern suburb naturalist. Ah, well.

    How did your bogs escape mining? Were only the protected ones safe?

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