More Snakes

As promised, here are the two snakes I found on Friday. First, as I was loading my car in the afternoon, I noticed a robin in the yard acting strangely – pecking at something and then fluttering back. After a moment I realized it was attacking a small snake, so I went running over. Yes, I suppose I was interfering in a perfectly natural predator/prey interaction, but there are plenty of exotic invasive earthworms around for the robins to eat, they hardly need to be going after baby garter snakes.

You’d think it would be grateful that I saved its life, but no, it coiled up and tried to strike at me. Well, fine, be that way. Garter snakes have nasty dispositions, even though they’re small.

Then in the evening, I took a walk in the woods. I’ve been saying ever since I moved here how much I’d like to find a Redbelly Snake, Storeria occipitomaculata, and yesterday I finally got lucky! I almost stepped on it before I saw it, stretched out in the trail looking almost like a twig. Unlike garter snakes, these guys are very docile and easy to handle, so I couldn’t resist picking it up.

Look how little and cute! Look at those gorgeous crimson belly scales! These snakes live on the forest floor and eat slugs and earthworms. With their tiny mouths, I don’t think you’d feel it even if you did somehow manage to provoke one into biting you. (And I don’t think you could – other than being a little wriggly, this one was completely okay with being picked up, handled, and photographed. What a dear.)

So, there you have it – Rebecca’s further adventures with snakes!


9 thoughts on “More Snakes”

  1. Such lovely finds! That garter snake sounds like a tough little guy. Hopefully that will serve him when the robin comes back. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I loved your second post on snakes so much, I just had to follow your blog, lol. I live in NH. The only snakes in the wild I have run across are garters, and you’re right, they do strike at the slightest provocation. But I still love looking at them and watching them move through the grass.

    Luv the redbelly snake. I want to find one of those little guys!

  3. I am 21 yrs old and a snakeaholic. i must say that those red belly snakes are adorable. however i have 3 lovely garters who are very sweet and loving towards people especially my big 4 ft. garter she loves to tap on her cage at 2am and asks to come out to snuggle in my hair and is the sweetest garter ive ever found. ive owned 10 garters throughout the years and ive only been bit a few times which after the first bite they realize your not a threat and the next day they are more docile than a newborn pup. if you would like to know more about garters or just snakes in general please feel free to email me. thank you!

    1. Oh don’t worry, I have nothing against garter snakes – I’m sure that if they’re handled regularly they become docile! They’re just tougher to pick up than the redbellies, which don’t bite at all.

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