Spring Arrives at Last

This is a Pickerel Creek phenology post, held over from last Friday.

High temp – 72°F
Sunny and WARM
Sunrise at 5:33AM, sunset at 8:17PM, for an incredible fourteen hours and forty-four minutes of daylight

Green, green, green!

This will be my last post in this series (the assignment it’s for is due this week!). The alders are finally leafing out noticeably, and the rain we got recently has brought the creek level up again after a few weeks of dry weather. While walking out to my site I saw 10+ species of butterfly on the wing and the trees were full of singing birds. It feels like summer – over the weekend I biked into town to get ice cream! Looking back at the first photos I took of Pickerel Creek back in February, it’s a pretty dramatic change.



Thanks for tagging along with me this spring! Summer is just around the corner.

3 thoughts on “Spring Arrives at Last”

  1. Cool post, Rebecca! I started following your blog only recently so it’s very interesting to see how that creek has changed this year. Awesome!

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