Exciting Announcement!

Exciting to me, anyway. Super exciting. I’ve wanted to be a writer of once sort or another for as long as I can remember, and this summer (barring any unforeseen trouble) my very first published articles will be appearing in two magazines.

First, in July, an article I’m writing on the relationship between grizzly bears and polar bears will be out in Above & Beyond, the inflight magazine of northern Canadian airline First Air. Then in August Wisconsin Natural Resources will include an article by me on how invasive earthworms affect ground-nesting songbirds. I’ll post links to both pieces once they become available.

I want to build a time machine so I can go back and tell fifth grade me, laboriously writing and putting together a construction paper book on rainforest animals for a class project, that by the time I turn twenty-five I will have both seen a tropical rainforest with my own eyes and sold stories to real magazines. Fifth grade me would be absolutely floored by this information.

12 thoughts on “Exciting Announcement!”

  1. Wonderful news! Congratulations!

    I have often wanted to go back nad tell my high school cohorts about something significant I have done or accomplished,. I imagine we share some basic impulse. I’m not sure they would believe it though. LOL!

    Anyway, great work!

  2. Congratulations, Rebecca! But I’m not totally surprised- your writing style has an easy, natural quality that is most enjoyable.
    My daughter is a freelance writer and doing quite well with it; I recall her excitement on receiving her first acceptance notice.
    Continued good luck on your pursuits!


    1. And no telling what 50-year-old you will want to tell 25-year-old-you! (If you get that time machine built, do let me know. I have a thing or two I’d like to tell my younger self too!) Congratulations!

  3. Thank you so much to everyone who commented! Blogging, Twitter, and the wonderful online community of naturalists, science writers, etc. is what gave me the confidence to start pitching articles to real magazines in the first place. I love and value every one of my readers here. :)

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