Five Things I Have Said to Children

Photos are from my walk this evening and admittedly have nothing to do with the text.

  1. No, turtles don’t bite.

    Wild blueberry
  2. What are those stick insects doing? They’re… well… they’re making more stick insects.

    Something purple
  3. Go ahead and rub the mud on your face. Mud is good for your skin. People go to spas and pay lots of money to get mud like this rubbed on them.

  4. Yes, I know it’s raining, but your skin is waterproof.

    The only time of year I don’t think Canada Geese are annoying
  5. That’s okay, it’s good luck to get pooped on by a bird!

12 thoughts on “Five Things I Have Said to Children”

  1. a story, in brief…five years old, in the back of the nova on the way to lake of the ozarks, step dad stops, picks up an ornate box turtle from the highway, gives it to me, it immediately bites a triangular chunk of skin and flesh from my thumb…which i hide for fear that my parents will take this wonderful jewel of an animal away from me. Love at first bite. love them still. :)

    1. Yesterday we had fourth graders tell us that the turtles on the pond were “fighting.” As in, they were sitting on top of each other. Yes, kids, they’re, er, WRESTLING, let’s go with that…

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