Pickerel Creek Turns Green?

This is a Pickerel Creek phenology post.

Temperature – 61°F
Sunny and breezy
Sunrise at 6:28AM, sunset at 7:34PM – thirteen hours and six minutes of beautiful beautiful daylight

Okay, it’s not that green, because the alders have yet to leaf out. But if you compare this to a couple weeks ago you can see that there is a new blush of green along the banks of the creek where new grass is starting to grow up through last year’s brown. There were Golden-crowned Kinglets and Song Sparrows singing while I stood on the bridge to take the photo, and on my walk down there I kept stopping to admire all the lovely hepatica blossoms along the trail. (Interestingly, ever single hepatica flower I’ve seen here has been white, unlike in Ohio where there were always a smattering of blue-purple ones mixed in.)

Anyway, this blog is going to go silent for the next week or so while I’m traveling for spring break. I’m sure that by the time I return the woods will be drastically greener than they are today!

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