Facts You Never Wanted to Know About Porcupine Sex

My coworker at my assistantship this semester just finished editing this video featuring both of us (and our friend Bob) for her web series, Cool Things in Nature.

In addition to the return of my raspberry-colored coat and dorky hat, this features me talking (again) about fisher predation… and Julia telling you more than you ever really wanted to know about porcupine mating rituals.

6 thoughts on “Facts You Never Wanted to Know About Porcupine Sex”

  1. I’m still chuckling over this video. Rebecca, you’re a natural on camera. And Julia’s description of porcupine sex is, let’s see, certainly not titillating, but pretty fascinating. I’ve never seen a porky in the wild. Had no idea they slept on a little branch, all balled up like that.

    1. You should have seen him last week, sound asleep while perched on very thin branch that was swaying back and forth in the wind! Bob keeps us entertained. They spend a lot of their time in trees, almost reminiscent of a sloth or a koala.

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