This Is Not a Post About Building Snow Shelters

Yesterday and last night I was supposed to attend a winter camping workshop. I was supposed to learn how to build a type of snow shelter called a quinzhee and then spend the night in it. I was going to take step-by-step photos of the quinzhee-building process and turn them into a really sweet blog post for you today.

Then I caught the stomach flu that’s been going around.

Feeling all better today, but I have a sad lack of snow shelter photos to share. Instead, here’s a different image depicting what life is like during the North Woods winter.

This is the road that I live on. We haven’t seen the pavement since November. So note to all, if you don’t like the idea of driving on a layer of compacted snow and ice for five months out of the year, don’t move to northern Wisconsin! I don’t really mind it – you  just have to be willing to drive sloooowly when necessary.

3 thoughts on “This Is Not a Post About Building Snow Shelters”

  1. Yes indeed thanks for the warning. Living all my life in the south, I would not have a clue of how to drive in it. Parking the car, by a warm house. Yes I can do that and stay inside until it melts.
    I will enjoy hearing about your snow shelter.

  2. I traded northern New England for the Carolina’s and appreciate what you are going through. When I was first learning to drive on snow my dad told me to drive as though you don’t have breaks & down shift to slow the car down. It really worked!! Stay warm & feel better.

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