Me, on Skis?

Remembering what leaves look like - today it's so warm out (42°F) it feels like mild autumn again.

Sorry for the lack of new natural history adventures of late. All of my time in the woods this past week has been spent on cross-country skis. Not only had I never been on skis before in my life, but I lack anything resembling athletic ability or coordination, so learning is a slow process – all of my attention is concentrated on remaining upright, with none left over for taking photos or looking at birds.

The A.P. Environmental Science teacher, who first attempted to teach me how to do it (kick and glide! kick and glide!), was trying to make a point about muscle memory or something and asked me what my favorite sport was in high school. Er… orchestra? So far I don’t so much ski exactly as shuffle my feet while wearing skis, and I look like a character in a slapstick comedy movie – there’s lots of wobbling, and flailing, and screaming, and falling down.

I’m determined to learn even if it kills me. Everyone in this part of the country LOVES cold weather and LOVES snow and LOVES cross-country skiing, and I refuse to be the only one left out. The only problem is that, while yesterday it was cold enough outside to freeze my damp post-shower hair nearly solid in about ninety seconds, today it’s warmed up so much that the snow is in danger of melting entirely. Darn you, climate change. It’s all your fault.

One week left until I leave for the holiday break…

3 thoughts on “Me, on Skis?”

  1. I’ve never cross-country skied, my prefered method of getting around in deep snow is snow shoes. People give me a hard time about not being able to keep up to them when they’re on skis, but when it’s my turn to lead, it’s through the nearest cedar swamp, which leaves those on skis begging for mercy (insert evil laugh here).

  2. Don’t worry, one day when you’re not paying attention, your legs and hips will just “get it”…for about two strides, and then you’ll start thinking about what you’re doing, and one of your skis will lift up and point in the wrong direction, and you’ll almost land on your kiester. :D At least you won’t be tumbling down a mountain, though.

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