Phenology Project: Week 12

Sunday, November 27, 2011, 1:38PM
28ºF (coldest phenology post yet!), 100% cloud cover, no noticeable breeze

Sleeting steadily

Phenology was on hiatus last week due to your blogger being in Arizona for the holiday. If I had been here to visit my phenology spot on Sunday or Monday, you would have seen a photo of this view with a heavy blanket of snow. It warmed up during the week, though, and it rained. Is this climate change in action? I definitely thought we’d be into the full swing of winter by this time. In any case, last night the temperature dropped again and we got another light dusting of snow, which has now changed into little balls of sleet.

Since the days are so short and the sun, even when it is up, doesn’t rise all that high above the horizon, when we have heavy cloud cover like we have for the past couple days it seems like we’re just in perpetual twilight. Sunrise today was at 7:13AM, and sunset is in a few hours at 4:15PM (ugh!), for only nine hours and two minutes of daylight. The only sound in the forest today was the distant croak of a crow or raven; if the animals are smart they should just stay in bed on gloomy days like these.

Those ferns I keep mentioning are finally starting to look a little yellow and sad. Not enough sunlight? Not enough moisture?

This project is due to my professor one week from tomorrow. That means you probably only get one more official phenology post.

3 thoughts on “Phenology Project: Week 12”

  1. Indeed, I agree the sentiments of “quietsolopursuits”, nice name btw.

    It will be sad to see your series of phneological posts come to an end. Will you please, update us with the results, as and when you get them back from your professor.


    Tony Powell

    PS! finally received my first Air Frost last night, yippee.

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