Big Bugs at the Botanical Garden

Today we visited the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix to check out their current sculpture exhibit, Big Bugs by David Rogers. Each of the huge, beautiful wooden sculptures was accompanied by a sign with information about the creature (albeit generic information; the signage for what was obviously a sculpture of a wheel bug was all general information about assassin bugs). At the daddy longlegs, a mother with two little girls read out loud the sign that explained that it was not actually a spider, sounding surprised; one of her daughters answered, “No, Mom, it’s not a spider,” in a “duh, Mom” tone of voice. There’s a budding naturalist! Besides the praying mantis, the ants marching down the ridge were my favorite, although the angle of the sun made it hard to get really nice photos of them.

Click any thumbnail to bring up a slideshow.


I’m a little late to the party; Arizona bug bloggers Roberta at Wild About Ants and Chris at The Dragonfly Woman posted about this exhibit ages ago. But it was fun to see!

8 thoughts on “Big Bugs at the Botanical Garden”

  1. That Desert Botanical Garden was my daily lunch-hour birding patch. They always had cool exhibits, but this one you are sharing takes the cake! I would have loved to be there birding and capturing photos of birds with those giant insect sculptures.

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