Phenology Project: Week 11

Monday, November 14, 2011, 4:30PM
40°F, 30% cumulus cloud cover, light breeze

I took this photo shortly after sunset, which was officially at 4:26PM. (Sunrise was at 6:56AM – that’s exactly nine and a half hours of daylight, a twenty-minute loss from last week.) Although this is not my best photography ever, you can sort of see the soft twilight quality of the light. It was one of those odd days where the weather couldn’t seem to decide between snow, rain, and sunshine. Because of the warmer temperatures over the weekend last week’s gorgeous blanket of snow is largely gone, but you can see what’s left of it on the meadow on the far side of the path – I should have come and taken a photo here at the height of the snowfall last week, but I posted photos from other parts of campus then that will give you an idea. Now we’re mostly left with mud and slush, that gross in-between period where we wait for winter to really get going and give us a layer of snow that will last through April.

I’m wondering if those green ferns and clubmosses will EVER die back for the winter? Will they finally be smothered by the snow?

There were fresh deer tracks in the soil next to my rock.

1 reply on “Phenology Project: Week 11”

I wonder if some plants can sort of hibernate under the snow, especially ones so close to the ground. It’s good that you’re so enthusiastic about the snow–it is exciting to see the world change so dramatically. And I love the softening of sound that happens during and after a heavy snowfall. It will be lovely then, to sit there and listen to the silence.

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