Phenology Project: Week 7

Monday, October 17, 2011 – 2:45PM

43°F, wind 20+ mph, 100% cloud cover

It’s thirty degrees colder now than it was last week when I was here, and as a coworker pointed out, in a couple months it could be another fifty degrees colder yet. Brrrr. There is snow in the forecast for the next few days – it won’t stick, it’s still too warm for that, but we could see big wet flakes coming down.

There’s no sound in the forest today except the wind gusting through the trees. Not so much as a chickadee is calling – the migrant birds have all cleared out and the residents are hunkered down somewhere. The whole forest feels hunkered down, waiting, holding its breath against the cold weather that’s coming. Everything seems cold, gray, dead. The only leaves left on the trees now are a handful of shriveled brown ones waiting for one more big gust to send them spiraling into the air. The ferns and clubmosses that are still green (you can see them on the forest floor in the photo) look tired.

October 17th, and I’m calling it – winter is here.


8 thoughts on “Phenology Project: Week 7”

  1. I know that feeling you describe, of everything just waiting for that first real snowfall. Love that quiet, but it’s a little better when you can smell a bit of woodsmoke. Then you know folks are ready, and there will be cosiness when the snow starts to fly.

    ‘Cause baby…it ain’t winter yet!

  2. Hey hey hey now, let’s not be too hasty calling winter. We’ve got enough winter to deal with as is. We don’t need to go making it longer! Let’s just call it cold October. As to the Chickadees, they may be quiet now but they start practicing their spring “Hey Sweetie!” song as early as December so really the first sign of spring is just two and a half months away.

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