Ugly Leaves

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I was walking in the woods this morning (yet another damp, gray day) and looking for something tree-related I could blog about when one of the many, many yellow leaves on the ground caught my eye: some enterprising insect had folded it over and lashed it together with silk, turning it into a shelter. I think sometimes when we look for autumn leaves to photograph close up we gravitate automatically to the pretty ones, the ones that are whole and intact and haven’t been munched on or otherwise altered by insects. But having noticed this one, I started looking for more of these “ugly” leaves, and ended up with this set of photos.

12 thoughts on “Ugly Leaves”

  1. I enjoyed seeing your leaves. It is so interesting this time of year to look for spider egg cases, leaf miners and galls. I work in DC and see very little leaf damage because of all the spraying so when I am at home in WV it is a thrill to find signs of tiny critters. Nice photos.

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