Phenology Project: Week 3

Temp in the 50’sF, near total cloud cover, Beaufort wind scale = 3-4

  • Though it’s hard to see in the photo, the maples are finally developing a faint yellow tinge, and there are a handful of freshly fallen leaves on top of the litter.
  • After last week’s hard freeze – down almost to 20°F – I’d thought all the insects would be gone, but there are still grasshoppers (or something) calling drowsily in the meadow.
  • The spiderweb that was in the fork of the maple sapling next to my sitting rock is gone. A casualty of the freeze?
  • Despite the rain over the weekend, the soil surface here is still dry here to the touch.
  • A bird is chipping quietly somewhere nearby – a migrating warbler?
  • The ferns are starting to yellow around the edges, and there are even a few yellow needles on the hemlocks. Autumn, or the dryness?

It’s such a chilly, damp, blustery day. I broke out my wool hat again.

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